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Welcome to Jaclyn's Beauty Studio 

Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy. I totally get that. My goal is to allow you to escape from your hectic and demanding day while we find a look that's going to make you feel confident, youthful, and refreshed. I've created a unique new guest booking experience to alleviate any stress and confusion. 

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Step Two

If you've had a chance to review my Service Menu, you can request your appointment below. You can also email me with ANY questions at



Step One

Get to know me through my  Meet Jaclyn page.  I want you to get to feel of who I am and what you can expect from your visit with me . 



Step Three

Expect a response from me within 24-48 hours. Feel confident knowing I am ready to work with you and I will be in touch. 

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What To Expect

The Pre-Visit

I know seeing a new stylist can feel a little overwhelming at first. One thing most people will learn about me is that I’m easy going and I will make you feel right at home! Our experience starts the second you request an appointment.  Once your request is submitted , you can expect a follow up email from me regarding your appointment. 

The Consultation

During your first visit, we will discuss your lifestyle, hair history, and ultimate goals for your hair to create the perfect hair experience for you. If you have some inspiration in mind, please feel free to bring that. You can even submit photos while you request an appointment if you have something particular in mind.  I love discussing ideas, goals, and expectations before I get started.   

In my private studio, you are the priority and it’s important for me to provide you with an exclusive, relaxing, and positive experience. This time is curated for you to come and feel like you can escape and carve out some time for your self care. 

Products & Styling

I use Luxurious and Botanical color and products that do not burn or irritate the skin incase you’re someone who has a lot of allergies and you’re concerned about smells or irritation .Each experience also includes a personal styling lesson where we will discuss the tools, products, and techniques used to achieve your look. It’s important for me to show you how to maintain the look and color at home too. 

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